New release - Korea Town by Taxi Bear

Updates from Dehli Musikk

Effects pedal with colors of the ukrainian flag and the text 'Слава Украине!'

Make fuzz not war

Thank you so much, Angus at ABL Pedals for building this amazing Ukrainian Muff pedal and donating the proceeds to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 💙💛🇺🇦 Слава Украине!✊

Album cover for the single "Runaway Train" by Kaasin

New release - Runaway Train by Kaasin

I've had the pleasure to play some rock keyboards with the band Kaasin 😃

Sound wizzard Halvor Halvorsen has done his magic behind the faders 👍👌

Turn up the volume, grab a beer and kickstart the weekend with some rock'n'roll 😎🤘

The band Kaasin: Jo Henning Kaasin, Jan Thore Grefstad, Staale Kaasin, Benjamin Dehli and Rick Hagan

New band - Kaasin

Debut single and video from the rock band Kaasin will be released on August 14th 💪😎🤘🔥

Kaasin consist of: Jo Henning Kaasin (Guitar), Jan Thore Grefstad (Vocals), Staale Kaasin (Bass), Benjamin Dehli (Keyboards) and Rick Hagan (Drums)

Per Kristian Grimsland in his recording studio

New series from Haunted By Silhouettes

Check out the first episode of the Track By Track series from Haunted By Silhouettes.

In this episode you can hear guinea pig noises and the keyboard tracks I got the honor of playing on the song 'The Last Day on Earth' 🐹🤘