A Korg MS-20 with a cassette and tape recorder
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Dehli Musikk is a sole proprietorship run by Benjamin Dehli which offers keyboard instrument tracks on recordings for artists and bands.

If you're recording a song and want some keyboard instrument tracks, feel free to contact me on Facebook or email.

Check out my portfolio if you want to hear releases where I've contributed.

Latest updates

Neon sign with the text Wurlitzer Music Phonograph

Wurlitzer Music neon sign

Got this beautiful Wurlitzer neon sign from Ruth 66 today 😃 The photos doesn't really do it justice. It looks a lot more vibrant in person 🤩

Hairball Audio FET/RACK (1176) Revision D compressor

Finished build project - Hairball Audio FET/RACK Revision D

The final result of the compressor build 🛠️⚡🎛️

Partly populated circuit board

New build project - Hairball Audio FET/RACK Revision D

Building a FET/RACK (1176) compressor from Hairball Audio 🛠️⚡🎛️

Latest releases

Album cover for Departure by Haunted By Silhouettes

DepartureHaunted By Silhouettes

  • Death Metal/Black Metal
Album cover for Icon by Haunted By Silhouettes

IconHaunted By Silhouettes

  • Death Metal/Black Metal
Album cover for No Man Isle by Haunted By Silhouettes

No Man IsleHaunted By Silhouettes

  • Death Metal/Black Metal

Latest videos

A Levin Model 27 archtop guitar being played

Levin Model 27 through a Korg MS-20Benjamin Dehli

Running a Levin archtop guitar through a Korg MS-20 External Signal Processor (ESP). The guitar is tuned down to C#. Guitar signal chain: Levin Model 27, Full...

A Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizer being played

Synth solo with Sequential Circuits Pro-OneBenjamin Dehli

Synth solo with Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizer over a 5/4 groove. Instrument: Sequential Circuits Pro-One. Effects: Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. Tape rec...

A Korg MS-20 synthesizer and a Logan String Melody II synthesizer being played

Synth jam with Korg MS-20, Logan String Melody II and Arturia DrumBruteBenjamin Dehli

Late night synth jam recorded through a Roland PA-120 mixer to a Fostex X-28H 4-track cassette recorder. Instruments: Arturia DrumBrute, Korg MS-20 and Hohner...

Newest products

Louis Zwicki Pianette with an old telephone, tape recorder and coffee cup on top

Lo-fi Tape Piano

Lo-fi Tape Piano from Dehli Musikk includes the sound of a Louis Zwicki Pianette recorded with cassette tape recorder through 3 different microphones. The preamps of the tape recorder are slightly overdriven and the tape adds compression and harmonics as well as wow and flutter (pitch variation).

If you want the sound of a perfectly voiced and regulated grand piano, this may not be the samples for you. This is more like a Mellotron / Chamberlin version of the Pianette.

The sample pack includes 328 .WAV samples (637.8 MB) and 3 .EXS files (295 KB).

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