A Korg MS-20 with a cassette and tape recorder
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Dehli Musikk is a sole proprietorship run by Benjamin Dehli which offers keyboard instrument tracks on recordings for artists and bands.

If you're recording a song and want some keyboard instrument tracks, feel free to contact me on Facebook or email.

Check out my portfolio if you want to hear releases where I've contributed.

Latest updates

Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Finished Pro-One maintenence at last

Sequential Circuits Pro-One after maintenance 😁🛠️

Keyboard assembly inside a Sequential Circuits Pro-One, before and after maintenance

Pro-One maintenance

Rust removal, adjustment of keyboard action and replacing old key bushings with new ones from Syntaur

PCB board inside a Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizer

Cleaning potmeters and switches

PCB art inside the Pro-One synthesizer 🍄🧘‍♀️🎨

Latest releases

Album cover for Rocknrolla by Haaker


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Latest videoe

A Sequential Circuits Pro-One played

Breakwater - Release the Beast (synth lick)Benjamin Dehli

The synth lick from Release the Beast by Breakwater played on a Sequential Circuits Pro-One. Release the Beast came out in 1980 but was later sampled in the s...

A Hohner Clavinet D6 and a Korg MS-20 being played

Running Clavinet through a Korg MS-20Benjamin Dehli

Using the Korg MS-20 as an effects unit for the Hohner Clavinet D6.

Snapshot from the music video for "Runaway Train" by Kaasin

Kaasin - Runaway TrainStreampeak Music DA

The debutsingle from the Norwegian band Kaasin founded by guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin, collaborator with Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White and more....

Newest products

Louis Zwicki Pianette with an old telephone, tape recorder and coffee cup on top

Lo-fi Tape Piano

Lo-fi Tape Piano from Dehli Musikk includes the sound of a Louis Zwicki Pianette recorded with cassette tape recorder through 3 different microphones. The preamps of the tape recorder are slightly overdriven and the tape adds compression and harmonics as well as wow and flutter (pitch variation).

If you want the sound of a perfectly voiced and regulated grand piano, this may not be the samples for you. This is more like a Mellotron / Chamberlin version of the Pianette.

The sample pack includes 328 .WAV samples (637.8 MB) and 3 .EXS files (295 KB).

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