A Korg MS-20 with a cassette and tape recorder
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Dehli Musikk is a sole proprietorship run by Benjamin Dehli which offers keyboard instrument tracks on recordings for artists and bands.

If you're recording a song and want some keyboard instrument tracks, feel free to contact me on Facebook or email.

Check out my portfolio if you want to hear releases where I've contributed.

Latest updates

A CXM 1978 reverb pedal from Chase Bliss Audio and Meris

New effects unit - CXM 1978

Got a new reverb pedal today 🥳

CXM 1978 from Chase Bliss Audio and Meris 🛸👌

A Leslie 122 rotary speaker

Leslie Piano

Sending sound from the Louis Zwicki Pianette through a Leslie 122 rotary speaker 🎹🔄🔊

Latest releases

Album cover for Hypnotized by Aina Wassvik

HypnotizedAina Wassvik

  • Contemporary Country
Album cover for Revelation by KAASIN


  • Metal

Latest videoe

Synthesizers being played

3-note paraphony with Dreadbox Erebus and Doepfer Dark EnergyBenjamin Dehli

Dreadbox Erebus v2 and Doepfer Dark Energy (v1) playing 3-note paraphonic. Doepfer Dark Energy has highest note priority and Dreadbox Erebus has the 2 lowest ...

A Wurlitzer 200A electric piano being played

Wurlitzer 200A with Roger Mayer Voodoo-Vibe+ vibratoBenjamin Dehli

Wurlitzer 200A electric piano with vibrato from a Roger Mayer Voodoo-Vibe+ effects pedal. The signal is going through a Fender Twin Reverb amplifier, mic'd wi...

A Hohner Clavinet D6 being played

Recording Fuzz Clavinet for "KAASIN - Revelation"Benjamin Dehli

Recording the Hohner Clavinet with Fuzz Face and Tube Tape Echo for the song Revelation by Kaasin. This is from the theme / interlude part and the bridge. An ...

Newest products

Louis Zwicki Pianette with an old telephone, tape recorder and coffee cup on top

Lo-fi Tape Piano

Lo-fi Tape Piano from Dehli Musikk includes the sound of a Louis Zwicki Pianette recorded with cassette tape recorder through 3 different microphones. The preamps of the tape recorder are slightly overdriven and the tape adds compression and harmonics as well as wow and flutter (pitch variation).

If you want the sound of a perfectly voiced and regulated grand piano, this may not be the samples for you. This is more like a Mellotron / Chamberlin version of the Pianette.

The sample pack includes 328 .WAV samples (637.8 MB) and 3 .EXS files (295 KB).

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