Lo-fi Tape Piano

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The Omni-84 user interface and a Suzuki Omnichord OM-84 System Two


Every sound of the Omnichord has been sampled. I've also added the effects I tend to use when recording and playing the Omnichord as an impulse response called "space".

At the moment, the Omnichord is no longer produced and prices on the second-hand market have skyrocketed. This is my attempt to make the sound of the Omnichord more accessible.

This sample library includes 5 presets, one for each part of the Omnichord. Drums, Bass, Chords, Keyboard and SonicStrings

Louis Zwicki Pianette with an old telephone, tape recorder and coffee cup on top

Lo-fi Tape Piano

Lo-fi Tape Piano from Dehli Musikk includes the sound of a Louis Zwicki Pianette recorded with cassette tape recorder through 3 different microphones. The preamps of the tape recorder are slightly overdriven and the tape adds compression and harmonics as well as wow and flutter (pitch variation).

If you want the sound of a perfectly voiced and regulated grand piano, this may not be the samples for you. This is more like a Mellotron / Chamberlin version of the Pianette.

The sample pack includes 328 .WAV samples (637.8 MB) and 3 .EXS files (295 KB).